Did I scare anyone with that? heh. Considering what happened the last time I monkeyed around with the internal workings of the website, I wouldn’t blame you! In fact I started to use a Rorshach holding the “End is Nigh” sign, but then I thought people might misenterpret that, so I went with the good old fashioned Under Construction sign instead. We don’t want folks getting the wrong idea!

Anyway, unless you’re looking you won’t even notice that I’ve done anything for the most part. But those of you who have been asking for the original issues, and waiting patiently as I managed to get them up, will see that I’ve begun the final leg of the process. Truth be told, I have the first two issues completely up and functional! So…woo!

Also, we’re one step closer to a HUGE announcement around these here parts, so stay tuned because when it happens, it’ll blow the doors off this thing!