You do a lot of thinking at the end of the year, both of what has come and gone, and of what’s yet to come. We’re no different around here, except perhaps that we tend to plan YEARS in advance rather than months. I blame Harold. He’s the one that keeps sending me the insane art and driving me to keep pushing plots out far further than I ever intended for them to go, flesh out characters that barely had descriptions, and generally forced me to up my game way beyond what I’d ever intended. We make a pretty good team, I think.

So right now you’re looking at a very nearly completed issue # 10 of Dynagirl. Beginning next issue, and for three total issues I’ll only be co-writing the book, as I’ve asked a couple of stand up guys I know to do some fill in writing for me. They came back with some excellent scripts, and we’re running with that. I’m only co-writing because as we’ve evolved the story a ton since they originally wrote the scripts there’s some tweaks and additions that need inserted to make the transition smooth and seamless. Believe me when I tell you, the next three issues will be awesome!

Meanwhile, that leaves me with a bit of extra time on my hands, right? My plan, if you want to call it that, is to focus on a couple of novels I’ve been nursing along for longer than I care to admit, hopefully completing them both. I plan to turn them out through Amazon and the whole Kindle marketplace and test those waters. At the same time I’m working closely with a incredible group of independent creators to produce what we all hope will be one of the most epic indie crossover events we’ve ever seen. It’ll be different than anyone’s ever tried before, and I think that alone will make it special, but when you see the level of talent that’s folded up in the pages of these books…it’ll blow your mind!

Additionally we’ve got lots of other stuff going on a RHS central for me to play around with, like the new Dead Reckoning graphic novel, the production of our newest book Talon, the release of The Mick, and of course the long awaited simultaneous release of not one, but TWO Dynagirl trade paperbacks! That’s right folks, they’re finally coming! I’ve got final tweaks yet to put on them, but they’re close, a mere couple of months away at the outside. Spring Break. Write that down.

Plus! We’re about to start the Soul of a Hero run, which will be a complete blast, so if you haven’t checked that out you gotta go do it. I get a huge kick out of reading it every time I go over the book. Cracks me the hell up. It’s like walking back into The Last Dragon and just basking!

Oh, and action figures. More to come on that front when I have more to tell. wOot!