Breaking News! Wayward Raven Media is having a Kickstarter!




That’s right, the fine folks at Wayward Raven are raising funds to print the second issue of their new series Signed C: The Missing, and they need your help! Now in general, I’m supportive of almost anyone making independent comics, because I think that’s truly the future of comics, it’s where the meat and potatoes are! In this case however, I have a personal connection to the WRM guys, because I designed most of their logos and I do the vast majority of their lettering. The kickstarter isn’t to send cash my way at all, it’s for printing costs. The books are already in the can and have been for a good long while. This fundraiser is just about getting it out there to the people who want to read and support great comics like this! Plus, they’re some really cool cats! So help out in any way possible, please, and support this group of guys as they push back against the odds. Spread the word folks!

Also, I have it on good authority there will be another pledge reward coming soon! As soon as they get it updated, 3 lucky supporters will win a full issue’s worth of letters on a book of their own! You read that right! You make the comic, claim the pledge reward, send us the pages, and the fine folks at Red Handed Studios handle the lettering free of charge! How about that for a reward! Keep an eye out for that, it’ll be added shortly.

And don’t worry, Dynagirl is back on track, I’ll be dropping the regularly scheduled update in just a few hours!