That’s right folks, the sci-fi epic graphic novel “48″ has finally wrapped after more than 9 years in production! Written by me, (Cary Kelley) and beautifully illustrated by Geoff Mosse, 48 is a story about 23 clones who are freed by a freak accident and struggle to survive in a world trying desperately to kill them. The front cover of this 128 page perfect bound book features art by Fallen Justice and Dynagirl artist Harold Edge, and colors by the always mind-blowing SPLASH, and a foreword penned by the Master of Pulp, Ron Fortier!

Currently the book is available direct from our printer at Indyplanet, so to get it click right here! The book will also be available at select conventions that Geoff and I are attending, so you can also get your hands on the there and get em signed too!

Why Indyplanet you ask? Simple. Time’s making changes, plain and simple. Indyplanet offers a print on demand solution that I haven’t been able to get even close to meeting let alone beating. As things here at RHS central streamline and start really getting rolling as fast as we’d like, having a central hub from which our stuff can be ordered and shipped without requiring anything on this end is simply…nice. Plus they make a great looking product!

And get ready, because there will be new stuff coming VERY shortly. It’s amazing how much time one has when they’ve been laid off from work!